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New Patient Expierence 

From the moment you step foot into our new facility, you’ll be transported to a health experience unlike any other. We want our patients to feel at home and relaxed, which is why you’ll get greeted at the door and relax in a state of the art waiting area with complimentary phone chargers and wifi internet.

At MMAC Health, you’re receiving the best care possible.

Your First Appointment

We invite you to take advantage of our refreshment bar stocked with coffee, water, and tea as you fill out your new patient paperwork. When you’re finished, you’ll meet with Dr. Tamras who will go over what brought you in, your case history and your chief complaint. This will consist of an exam and developing the best possible treatment plan for you. We’ll discuss your goals and present you with options for proceeding with care.

Please allow 60-70 minutes for your first appointment. You may receive treatment during this visit or next visit depending on circumstances. If X-ray’s or blood work are required, we’ll refer you to a nearby location. 


Your Second Appointment

After your treatment plan is set and you’re ready to begin care, you might start with one of our treatments, including:

  • Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Dry Needling

  • Cupping

  • Rehabilitation

  • Spinal Decompression

Then (depending upon your treatment plan), you’ll receive a gentle and effective chiropractic adjustment. Appointments requiring just a quick adjustment can last 15 minutes. If other care is required, please plan for 45-60 minutes.

At MMAC Health

At MMAC Health we are committed to achieving MMI (maximum medical improvement). All interactions will be with the doctor. No front desk person, no hoops to jump through, all communications are heard and told right from the doctor on site. Quality care is of the highest standard. 

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